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stamyn n.


stafn, stamn 'stem of a ship'



Far stavnur, Icel stafn, Norw stamn, ODan stafn, Dan stavn, OSw stafn, stamn, Sw stam, Sw dial stamn

Cl 486

stange n. stang


stǫng ‘pole, staff’



Far stong, Icel stöng, Norw stong, Dan stang, Sw stång

Gaw 1614

stayned v. stain


(2) steina 'to stain, colour, paint' 


(2) *stain-

Far steina, Icel steina, Norw steina, Dan stene, OSw stena

Gaw 170

stee n. stee, sty 'ladder' stigi, stegi 'step, ladder, steep ascent' CC1c *stiga- Far stigi, Icel stigi, Norw stige, Dan stige, Sw stege WA 1437, 2481 View
stel-gere n. gear 'armour' gervi, gørvi ‘gear, apparel’  A1* *garwj- Icel gervi Gaw 260 View
stem v. stem (1) 'aim, attempt, consider' (2) 'intend, purpose, consider' (1) stefnastemna ‘to stand in a certain direction, aim at; to give notice to one, summon; cite (a case); call together (of a meeting)’.  DD2 (1) *steƀnō or *staƀnjōn (1) Far stevna, Icel stefna, Norw stemna, Dan stævne, Sw stämma WA 2480 View
stemmed v. stem (1)  ‘debated (with himself/themselves)’; (2) ‘stopped, halted; stood about, hesitated’ (1) stefna, stemna ‘to stand in a certain direction, aim at; to give notice to one, summon; cite (a case); call together (of a meeting)’; (2) stemma ‘to stem, stop, dam up (esp. of a stream or fluid)’ DD2 (1) *steƀnō or *staƀnjōn; (2) *stamm- (1) Far stevna, Icel stefna, Norw stemna, Dan stævne, Sw stämma; (2) Far stemma, Icel stemma, Norw stemma, Dan stemme, Sw stämma Gaw 230, 1117; WA 2960, 5301 View
sterne n. stern


stjórn 'helm, steering'



Far stjórn, Icel stjórn, Norw stjorn, OSw stiorn-

Pat 149

sterneʒ n. starn, stern


stjarna 'star'



Far stjørna, Icel stjarna, Norw stjerna, Dan stjerne, Sw. stiärna

Pe 115; Pat 149; WA 28, 127, 282, etc.

steuen n. steven

‘command; appointment, meeting, tryst, appointed day'

stefna ‘direction, appointed meeting; summons, citation’



Far stevna, Icel stefna, Norw stemne, ODan stævne, OSw stämma

Gaw 1060, 2008, 2194, etc.; Pe 188; Cl 360, 463, 706

stiggis v. 'start in alarm' styggja, styggva 'make shy, run, frighten away'; cp. (reflexive) styggjask, styggvask 'become shy, start, shun, abhor' C2c *stugj- Far styggja, Icel styggja, Norw styggja, ODan stygges, Sw styggas WA 5301 View
stor adj. stour, stoor ‘mighty; strong, severe; large’ stórr ‘big, great’ BB2abc *stōra- Far stórur, Icel stór, Norw stor, Dan stor, Sw stor Gaw 1291, 1923; WA 745*, 1367, 1534 etc. View
stote v.

'halt, stop'

stytta 'to cut short'


?*staut- or *stut-

Far stytta, Icel stytta, Norw dial stytta, ODan stunte, OSw stynta

Pe 149

strothe n. strothe ?'small wood' (1) storð ‘grass, green stalk’ D1bc (1) *sturðō; (2) *strōð- (1) Icel storð, OSw storþahug Gaw 1710; Pe 115 View
stryþþe n. strithe


 stríða (n.) ‘adversity’



Far stríð, Icel stríð, Norw strid, Dan strid, Sw strid; Far stríða, Icel stríða, Norw strida, Dan stride, Sw strida

Gaw 846, 2305 

sulp v.

'defile, pollute'


cp. Far søpla, Norw søpla; Norw dial sulpa

Pe 726; Cl 15, 550, 1130, etc.

sunder adj., n. sunder ‘sunder, separation’ (in the phrase 'in sunder' ‘asunder’) sundr, í sundr  'asundr' CCC4ac *eni + *sunðraz Far sundur, Icel sundur, Norw sunder, sond(er), ODan sundær, syndær, søndær, Dan sønder, OSw sunder, synder, Sw sönder Gaw 1563 View
swange n. swange 'middle, waist' svangi ‘the groin (esp of animals), belly’ B1c *swanga- Far svangi, Icel svangi, Norw svange, Dan svang, Sw dial svang, svånge Gaw 138, 2034 View
swangeande adj., v.

(1) 'swirling'; (2) 'pretty, pleasant' or 'slow'

(2) svangr 'slender, slim, thin'


(1) *swang-; (2) *swanga- or *swangra-

Far swangur, Icel swangur, Norw svang, Dan svang, Sw dial svång(er)

Pe 111

sware v.

'to answer'

svara ‘to reply, answer’



Far svara, Icel svara, Norw svara, Dan svare, Sw svara

Gaw 1108, 1756, 1793 etc.; Pe 240; Cl 1415; WA 674, 750, 1621 etc.

sware n. 'answer' svar 'reply, answer' C1 *swaran Far svar, Icel svar, Norw svar, Dan svar, Sw svar WA 760*, 1184, 4999 etc. View
swayf n.

'swinging blow'

cp. sveif 'tiller'



Norw dial sveifa; cp. Far sveiv, Icel sveif, Norw sveiv, Sw dial svev

Cl 1268

swaynes n. swain


sveinn 'boy, young man, servant'



Far sveinur, Icel sveinn, Norw svein, Dan svend, OSw sven, Sw sven

Cl 1509

swayues v.


cp. sveif 'tiller'



Norw dial sveifa

Pat 253

sweʒe adj., v. sway 'to speed, sink, stoop, collapse; fall, rush, swing' (2) sveigja ‘to bow, bend’ (trans. and intrans.), sveigja-sk ‘to be swayed, sway, swerve’ DD1c (1) *swōgjan-; (2) *swaigjan-; (3) *swegan- (2) Far sveiggja, Icel sveigja, Norw sveigja, Dan sveje, Sw dial sväig', sveia  Gaw 1429, 1796; Cl 87, 420, 788, etc.; Pat 72, 151, 236; WA 2057, 3970 View
swelt v. swelt 'destroy' svelta 'to put to death (by hunger); starve (a person)' CCC3c *sweltan- or *swalt(j)an- Far svølta, Icel svelta, Norw svelta, Sw svälta Cl 108, 332; Pat 427 View
swepen v. sweep 'to rush; swoop; sweep (in)' svipa 'to swoop, flash, move swiftly' CC2c ?*swaipan-, *swipjan- or *swaipjan- Icel svipa, Norw svipa, Dan dial svippe, Sw dial svepa, svipa Pe 111; Cl 1509; Pat 260, 341 View
swyþes v. swid

'burns (up)'

svíða 'to singe, burn'



Far svíða, Icel svíða, Norw svida, ODan swide, Dan svide, svie, OSw svidha, Sw svida

Pat 478

syled v.

'go, pass (on)'



Norw dial sila, Sw dial sila

Cl 131, WA 111, 161, 335 etc.

sylkyn adj. silken


cp. silki (n.) 'silk'


Far silki, Icel silki, Norw silke, Dan silke, Sw silke

Gaw 610; WA 236, 1520, 5295

syluer n. silver 'silver' silfr (neut.) 'silver' CC2a *siluƀra- Far silvur, Icel silfur, Norw sylv, ODan sølfver, Dan sølv, Sw silver Pe 77; Cl 1277, 1344; WA 129, 276, 1571 etc. View
syluerin adj. silver


silfr (n.) 'silver'



Far silvur, Icel silfur, Norw sylv, ODan sølfver, Dan sølv, Sw silver

Gaw 124, 886; Cl 1406; WA 1565

syt n.

'grief, sorrow, evil'



Norw syt

Pe 663; Cl 566, 1257; Pat 5, 517; WA 182, 546

take v. take

'to take, accept, receive; capture; detect; acquire; assign, give; commit; undertake, begin’ (and various idiomatic phrases)

taka ‘to take’ 



Far taka, Icel taka, Norw taka, Dan tage, OSw taka, tagha, Sw taga

Gaw 350, 383, 413 etc.; Pe 414, 513, 539 etc.; Cl 154, 330, 401 etc.; Pat 78, 236; Erk 57, 168, 297 etc.; WA 55, 123, 127, etc.

taking n. taking


taka ‘to take’, cp. taka (n.) 'capture'



WA 1344, 1835, 2123 

þarnes v.

'lack, be wanting, lose'

þarfnaþarna 'need, want'



Far tarna, Icel þarfna, Norw tarna

WA 2709,2859, 3071, etc.

þay pron. they 'they' þeir ‘they’ A1*c *þai + z  early runic þaiʀ, þeiʀ, etc., Far teir, Icel þeir, Norw dei, Dan de, OSw þē(r), Sw de Gaw 50, 69, 71, etc.; Pe 80, 94, 509, etc.; Cl 9, 10, 11 etc.; Pat 13, 15, 16 etc.; Erk 9, 43, 45 etc.; WA 1, 3, 13 etc. View
þayr pron. their 'their' þeira 'their' A1* *þaizō- early runic þaiʀa, þeʀa, Far teirra, Norw deira, OSw þer(r)a, þaira Gaw 1359, 1362; WA 2, 3, 5 etc. View
þayres pron. theirs

'theirs, their affairs'

þeira 'their'



early runic þaiʀa, þeʀa, Far teirra, Norw deira, OSw þer(r)a, þaira

Gaw 1019; Cl 1527

taysed v. teise

'harassed, driven'


(1a) *taisjan-; (2) *taisjan- 

(2) Dan dial tǣse, tēse, Sw dial tēsa

Gaw 1169

tayt n.

'pleasure, sport, play'

teiti 'joy, cheerfulness'



Far teiti, Icel teiti

Cl 889, 935; WA 1208, 3979

tayt adj.

‘merry, lively, agreeable; vigorous, well-grown’

teitr ‘glad, cheerful’



Far teitur, Icel teitur, runic Norw tAitʀ

Gaw 988, 1377; Cl 871

þenk v. think ‘to take heed, remember, be mindful of’ þekkja 'to perceive, recognize, know' CCC2 *þankjan- Far tekkja, Icel þekkja, Norw tekkja, ODan tække, OSw þäkkia Gaw 487, 534, 1680, etc.; Pe 22, 370, 1151; Cl 138, 304, 711, etc.; Pat 294; Erk 225; WA 363, 867, 925, etc. View
terne n. tarn

'lake, pool'

tjǫrn 'small lake, pool'



Far tjørn, Icel tjörn, Norw tjørn, Dan dial tjærn, kjærn, Sw tjärn

Cl 1041; WA 3860

þertylle adv. theretill

'to it'

til ‘to, until etc.'



Far til, Icel til, Norw til, Dan til, Sw till, til

Gaw 1110, 1369; Cl 1509; Erk 69

þerwyth adv. therewith ‘(together) with it, on that account, thereupon’ við (with dat.) ‘against, towards, along with, with (instr.)’, (with acc.) ‘by, at, close to; at, to; together with’ CCC3 *wiþra Far við, viður-, Icel við, Norw ved, ODan withær, with, Dan ved, veder-, Sw vid, veder- Gaw 121, 980, 1509, etc.; Cl 138, 528, 1406, etc.; Pat 60, 232 View
tethe adj. 'excellent' tíðr 'frequent, usual, customary, noted, famous, beloved, eager' CC2 ?*tīð- Far tíður, Icel tíður, Norw tid, Dan tith WA 6632198, 2371, etc. View
þethen adv. 'thence, from there' þaðan, þeðan 'thence, from there, thenceforth, since' B1c *þan- or *það-  Icel þaðan, Norw deden, ODan thæthan, Dan deden, OSw þaþan, þæþan, Sw dädandän WA 1068, 1076, 5131 etc. View
teueled v. tevel, tavel


(1b) tefla 'to play at tables or draughts'; (2) tefja ‘to hinder, delay’


(1) *tafljan-; (2) ?*þafjan- or ?*taƀjan-

(1b) Far telva, Icel tefla, Norw tevla, Sw tävla; (2) Far tava, Icel tefja, Norw tava

Cl 1189

teuelyng n. tevel, tavel

'labour, deeds'

(1b) tefla 'to play at tables or draughts'; (2) tefja ‘to hinder, delay’


(1) *tafljan-; (2) ?*þafjan- or ?*taƀjan-

(1b) Far telva, Icel tefla, Norw tevla, Sw tävla; (2) Far tava, Icel tefja, Norw tava

Gaw 1514