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Lexeme Part of Speech Modern English Form Sense ON Etymon Summary Category PGmc Ancestor Other Scandinavian reflexes Occurrences  
kylled v. kill; strike 'killed' kolla ‘to hit in the head; (metaph.) to harm’ DD1 (1) *kull-; (2) *kwuljan- (1) Far kolla, kylla, Icel kolla, kylla, Norw kolla, kylla, Sw dial kolla, kulla Gaw 2111; Cl 876, 1252, 1267 View
tryst v. trist 'to believe, be sure'  traustr ‘trusty, sure, firm, strong, safe’; traust ‘trust, protection, shelter’ BBB2 *trust- or *traust- Far treystur, Icel traustur, Norw traust, ODan trøst, MSw tröster; Far treyst, Icel traust, Norw traust, Dan trøst, Sw tröst Gaw 380, 2325; Pat 324 View
toriuen v. ‘tear asunder, shatter, break up’ rífa ‘to tear, rend’ B2a *rīfan- Far ríva, Icel rífa, Norw riva, Dan rive, Sw riva Pe 1197; Cl 964; Pat 379 View
cnokez v. knock 'knock, deal a blow' knoka ‘to knock, thump’ CCC2a *knok- or *knuk- Icel knoka, Norw knoka, ODan knoge, Dan knuge, Sw dial knoka, knåka Gaw 414; Pe 727; Cl 1348; WA 639, 1599 View
lyþen v. lithe 'to hear' hlýða ‘to listen, be proper (to)’ A1c *xleuþjan- or *xleuðjan-; or less likely *xlūðjan- Far lýða, Icel hlýða, Norw lyda, Dan lyde, Sw lyda Gaw 1719; WA 4, 3468, 4384 etc. View
ware (2) v. 'were' váru 'were' A1*c *wēr- Far vóru, Icel voru, Norw var, Dan var, Sw var Pe 142, 151, 1027 etc.; Cl  928; WA 3, 13, 33 etc. View
brenne v. burn ‘to burn; broil; (pp.) refined, bright’ brenna 'to burn (intrans. and trans.)' C2c *ƀrennan- or *ƀrannjan- Far brenna, Icel brenna, Norw brenna, Dan brænde, Sw brinna; Far brenna, Icel brenna, Norw brenna, ODan brænnæ, Dan brænde, OSw bränna, Sw bränna Gaw 2, 195, 832, etc.; Pe 989; Cl 509, 916, 1012; Pat 472, 477; WA 276 etc. View
kayre (1) v. 'to go, ride, bring, drive, ?dither, hesitate' keyra ‘to drive, ride, whip’ A1c *kaurjan- or *kauzjan- Far koyra, Icel kayra, Norw køyra, Dan køre, Sw köra Gaw 734, 1048, 1670 etc.; Pe 1031; Cl 85, 901, 945 etc.; WA 153, 859, 887 etc. View
mysse v. miss 'to lose, lack' missa 'to miss, lose' C3 *missjan- Far missa, Icel missa, Norw missa Pe 329, 382; Cl  189, 551, 994 etc.; WA 149 etc. View
wayue v. waive ‘to wave, swing, agitate; sweep from side to side; offer, show (trans.)’ veifa ‘to wave, vibrate, pull (trans.)’ A1*c *waiƀjan- Icel veifa, Norw veiva, Dan veive, Sw veva Gaw 306, 1032, 1743; Pat 467, 545; WA 945  View
breue v. breve ‘to declare, announce; write down’ bréfa ‘to set down in writing, report, make a précis; document’ FCCC3c Icel bréfa Gaw 465, 1393, 1436, etc.; Pe 755; Cl 197; Erk 103; WA 35, 208, 256 etc. View
saʒtle v. 'made peace, reconciled; settle, come to rest' sátt (n.) 'settlement, agreement, concord, peace', sætt (n.) 'reconciliation, agreement'; sætta 'to reconcile, make peace' B1c *saxt- or *sanxt- Far sætt, Icel sætt, Norw sætt; Icel sætta, ODan sætæ, OSw sätta Cl 230, 445, 1139; Pat 232, 529; WA 865 View
snayped v. snape ‘nipped cruelly’ sneypa ‘to outrage, dishonour, disgrace’  A1c *snaupjan-  Icel sneypa, Norw snøypa, OSw snöpa, Sw snöpa Gaw 2003; WA 3633, 3995 View
leme v. leam 'shine'  ljóma ‘to gleam, shine’ CC1c *leuxmōn Far ljóma, Icel ljóma, Norw ljoma, Sw dial ljömma Gaw 591, 1119, 1137, etc.; Cl 1273, 1486; WA 553 etc. View
dowelle v. dwell 'to remain; dwell; exist' dvelja ‘to keep/hold back, detain, stall, impede; delay, defer; tarry, hesitate; stay, reside, dwell (etc.)' CC3 *ðwaljan- Far dvølja, Icel dvelja, Norw dvelja, Dan dvæle, OSw dvälia Gaw 566, 1075, 1082; Cl 158, 376, 1196, etc.; Pa 69, 422; Erk 10; WA 830, 912, 1045, etc. View