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Lexeme Part of Speech Modern English Form Sense ON Etymon Summary Category PGmc Ancestor Other Scandinavian reflexes Occurrences  
hete v. 'to promise, assure' heita ‘to call, name, promise’ CCC2 *haitan- Far heita, Icel heita, Norw heita, runic Dan haite, haitika, Dan hede, hedde, runic Sw ha[i]teka, Sw heta, hetta
Gaw 2121; Pe 402; Cl 1346 View
cayser n. 'emperor, ruler' keisari 'emperor' C2 *kaisar- Far keisari, Icel keisari, Norw keisar, Dan kejser, Sw kejsare Cl 1322, 1374, 1593; Erk 199 View
gayn v. ‘to profit, be of use; suit' gegna ‘to meet, pay, discharge, be fitting, signify’ A1* *gagnjan- Far gegna, Icel gegna, Norw gjegna, Dan gjenne, Sw dial gena Gaw 584, 1829; Pe 343; Cl 1608; Pat 164, 348; WA 181, 2746 View
blykned v. 'shine; fade' blikna 'to pale, turn sallow' CC1ac *blik- Cl 1467, 1759; WA 604 View
vnhaspe v. 'disclose' cp. hespa (n.) ‘wisp or skein of wool; hasp, fastening’ CCC2c *xasp- Cl 688 View
scelt v. ?'hasten; break out, begin; raise, mock, revile' cp. skella 'make to slam, clash; strike; scold; burst (out)' D1c *skaljan- or *skellan- cp. Far skella, Icel skella, Norw skjella, Dan skjede, Sw skälla Cl 827, 1186, 1206 etc.; ; Erk 278 View
toriuen v. ‘tear asunder, shatter, break up’ rífa ‘to tear, rend’ B2a *rīfan- Far ríva, Icel rífa, Norw riva, Dan rive, Sw riva Pe 1197; Cl 964; Pat 379 View
trayþely adv. ?'pitilessly, violently'
tregða 'unwillingness, reluctance, difficulty' D1c ?*treg- Cl 907, 1137 View
skylly adj., n. 'wise, skilful; excuse, pretext' Cl 62, 529 View
woþe n. 'danger, peril' váði ‘danger, peril; a dangerous object’ A1c *waiwaðan or *waiwaþan  Far váði, Icel voði, Norw våde, ODan wathæ, Dan våde, OSw vaþe, Sw våde Gaw 222, 488, 1576, etc.; Pe 151, 375; Cl 855, 988; Erk 233; WA 119 etc. View
ware (2) v. 'were' váru 'were' A1*c *wēr- Far vóru, Icel voru, Norw var, Dan var, Sw var Pe 142, 151, 1027 etc.; Cl  928; WA 3, 13, 33 etc. View
come n. 'coming, arrival' kváma ‘coming, arrival, visit’ CCC2 *kweman- or *kuman- Norw dial kome, kōma, OSw kōma Pe 1117; Cl 467, 1706; WA 54 View
kayre (1) v. 'to go, ride, bring, drive, ?dither, hesitate' keyra ‘to drive, ride, whip’ A1c *kaurjan- or *kauzjan- Far koyra, Icel kayra, Norw køyra, Dan køre, Sw köra Gaw 734, 1048, 1670 etc.; Pe 1031; Cl 85, 901, 945 etc.; WA 153, 859, 887 etc. View
saʒtle v. 'made peace, reconciled; settle, come to rest' sátt (n.) 'settlement, agreement, concord, peace', sætt (n.) 'reconciliation, agreement'; sætta 'to reconcile, make peace' B1c *saxt- or *sanxt- Far sætt, Icel sætt, Norw sætt; Icel sætta, ODan sætæ, OSw sätta Cl 230, 445, 1139; Pat 232, 529; WA 865 View
connyng n. 'understanding, arts' kunnandi 'knowledge' CCC3 *kunnan- Cl 1611, 1625; WA 1021, 2368, 4227 etc. View