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Lexeme Part of Speech Modern English Form Sense ON Etymon Summary Category PGmc Ancestor Other Scandinavian reflexes Occurrences  
wawil-eʒid adj. ?'having eyes of differing colours'  vagl-eygr 'wall-eyed' D1c Icel vagleygur WA 1706 View
carp n. 'talk, conversation, discourse, speech, words; message; mention' karp 'bragging', karpa 'to brag, boast' A1c Icel karp Gaw 307, 704, 1013; Pe 883; Cl 23, 1327; Pat 118, 415, 519; WA 748, 1023, 1455, etc. View
kyrk n. kirk 'church' kirkja ‘church’ A1*bc Far kirkja, Icel kirkja, Norw kyrkje, Dan kirke, Sw kyrka Gaw 2196; Pe 1061; Cl 1270, 1431; Erk 16, 113; WA 1549, 4542 View
hoo interj. hoo 'stop!' ‘ho!’  BBB2a Icel , ho, Norw ho, hu  Gaw 2330 View
wharred v. whar ‘whirred’ hverfa ‘to turn’ and hvirfla ‘to whirl’ BB1c Dan hvirre, Sw dial hvirra Gaw 2203 View
cakled v. cackle 'cackled' BBB2a Norw kakla, kagle, Dan kagle, Sw kackla Gaw 1412 View
knorned adj., v. knurned 'rough, craggy' BBB2a Sw dial knurr, knurra;  knorla  Gaw 2166 View
trystyly adv. tristily 'faithfully'  traustr ‘trusty, sure, firm, strong, safe’; traust ‘trust, protection, shelter’; cp. traustliga 'firmly, confidently' BBB2 Far treystur, Icel traustur, Norw traust, ODan trøst, MSw tröster; Far treyst, Icel traust, Norw traust, Dan trøst, Sw tröst Gaw 2348 View
skylly adj., n. 'wise, skilful; excuse, pretext' Cl 62, 529 View
bagges n. bag 'bags' baggi 'bag, bundle, pack' BB2a Far baggi, Icel baggi, Norw dial bagge, bagg, Sw dial bagge Pat 158; WA 123 View
breue v. breve ‘to declare, announce; write down’ bréfa ‘to set down in writing, report, make a précis; document’ FCCC3c Icel bréfa Gaw 465, 1393, 1436, etc.; Pe 755; Cl 197; Erk 103; WA 35, 208, 256 etc. View
wynge n. winges 'wing; area, district, outlying part' vængr 'wing' B1 Far vongur, Icel vængur, Norw veng, ODan wingæ, Dan vinge, OSw vinge, Sw vinge Pe 93; Cl 475, 1484; WA 413, 1051, 1769, etc.  View
scho pron. she 'she' (1) sjá ‘this’  DD1c Gaw 969, 1259, 1550 etc.; Pe 758; WA 241, 257, 268 etc. View
caple n. caple, capul 'horse' kapall ‘nag, hack’ FCC5b Icel kapall Gaw 2175; Cl 1254; WA 754* View
croun n. crown 'crown; crown of the head; tonsure' krúna ‘crown’ FCCC2a Far krúna, Icel krúna, Norw krune, kruna, Dan krone, Sw krona Gaw 364, 419, 616, etc.; Pe 427, 1100; Cl 1275; Erk 55, 222; WA 121, 231, 817 etc. View