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Lexeme Part of Speech Modern English Form Sense ON Etymon Summary Category PGmc Ancestor Other Scandinavian reflexes Occurrences  
fele v. feal


fela 'hide, conceal; entrust'



Far fjala, Icel fela, ODan fiælæ, fialæ, OSw fiæla, fiala, Sw dial fjäla

Cl 914

felle n. fell

'fell, precipitous rock'

fjall, fell ‘mountain’



Far fjall, Icel fjall, Norw fjell, Dan fjeld, fjæld, Sw fjäll

Gaw 723; WA 1211, 4046

felaw n. fellow ‘fellow, companion’ félagi ‘partner, shareholder, fellow, comrade; partner, consort’ C4 *fexu + *leg- Far felag, felagi, Icel félag, Norw felag, ODan felge, Dan fællig, fælle, OSw fælagh Gaw 1702, WA 864, 3282 View
felaʒschyp n. fellowship

‘love of fellow men; company; couple’

félagi ‘partner, shareholder, fellow, comrade; partner, consort’


*fexu + *lag- + *skapi-z

Far felag, felagi, Icel félag, Norw felag, ODan felge, Dan fællig, fælle, OSw fælagh

Gaw 652, 2151; Cl 271, 1764

ferlyly adv. ferlily

‘wondrously, exceedingly; of marvellous things’

 ferligr ‘monstrous’


(1) *fēr-; (2) *fera; (3) *fer(e)r-

Gaw 796, 2494; Cl 962

ferly adj. ferly ‘extraordinary, unusual, marvelous; exceedingly, thoroughly’  ferligr ‘monstrous’ DD1 (1) *fēr-; (2) *fera; (3) *fer(e)r- Gaw 716; Pe 1084 View
ferly n. ferly 'marvel, wonder'  ferligr ‘monstrous’ DD1c (1) *fēr-; (2) *fera; (3) *fer(e)r- Gaw 23, 2414; Pe 1086; Cl 1529, 1563, 1629; Erk 145 View
ferly adv. ferly ‘wondrously, exceedingly’  ferligr ‘monstrous’; cp. ferliga 'monstrously' DD1c (1) *fēr-; (2) *fera; (3) *fer(e)r- Gaw 388, 741, 1694; Cl 269, 960, 975; Erk 46 View
fyked v. fike 'flinched' fíkjask ‘to desire eagerly’, fíkjum (adv.) ‘eagerly, very’, fíkinn (adj.) ‘greedy, eager’ CC3a *fik-, *fīk-  Icel fíkjast, Norw fik, Sw fik; Icel, Norw fika, Dan fige, Sw fikja, fika; Far ny-fiken, Icel fíkinn, Norw fiken, Dan ny-figen, Sw dial fiken Gaw 2274 View
fyskez v. fisk ?‘scampers’  (2a) fýsa ‘to exhort’ (2b) fýsask ‘to wish’ D1 (2) *funsa- (1) Norw dial fjaska, Sw dial fjäska, fjaska; (2) Far fýsa, Icel fýsa, Norw fŷsa, Dan fyse Gaw 1704 View
flakerande v. flacker


cp. flakka 'rove about'



cp. Far flakka, Icel flakka, Norw flakka, Dan flakke, Sw flacka

Cl 1410

flakes n. flakes

'flakes, lumps'

cp. flagna (v.) ‘to flake or chip off’



Norw flak 'slice, detatched piece'; cp. Icel flagna, Norw flagna, Sw flagna

Cl 954

flat n. flat


flatr ‘flat, level’



Far flatur, Icel flatur, Norw flat, Dan flad, Sw flat; Icel flötur; Far fløta, Icel flöt, Norw flot, flote

Gaw 507, *Pe 127

flaʒt n. flaught ‘stretch of turf’ flag 'sod of turf, place where the turf has been cut out'; fláttr 'flaying' CC1c *flax- or *flaʒ- Icel fláttur, Norw flått; cp. Far flag, Icel flag, Norw dial flag, Sw dial flag, flaga; Norw dial flaga, Dan dial flave, Sw flaga Pe 57 View
flitt v. flit 'move' flytja ‘cause to flit, carry, convey; recite, deliver; perform’ C1 *flutjan Far flyta, flytja, Icel flytja, Norw flytja, Dan flytte, OSw flytta, Sw flytta WA 2173, 2439, 3784 etc. View
flosche n. flosh



(2) Icel flaski, Norw flask, Dan flaske, Sw flask

Gaw 1430

flonc v. flung 'rush, shoot' *flinga, cp. flengja 'to throw, fling' B1 *flenga- Norw flengja Pe 1165; WA 831*, 1218, 1348, etc. View
fnast v. fnast

‘snorted, panted’

fnasa 'to sneeze, snort, snort in rage'



Icel fnasa, fnása, Dan fnase

Gaw 1587, 1702 

fogge n. fog 'coarse grass' D1c Norw fogg, fjagg, fjogg, fugg Cl 1683 View
forth n. ford


cp. fjǫrðr ‘firth, fjord, inlet’ 



Gaw 1585, 1617; Pe 150

forlondez n. foreland

‘forelands, promontories’/‘low-lying lands’

forlendi ‘the land between the hills and sea’


*fur(a) + *lanðan 

Gaw 699

forgat v. forget 'forgot' A1*c *getan-  Gaw 2031; WA 3276 View
forgif v. forgive


gefa 'to give', cp. fyr-gefa, fyrir-gefa 'forgive'



Far geva, Icel gefa, Norw giva, Dan runic gaf (past sg.), giƀu (pres. 1st sg.), Dan give, Sw giva

Cl 731; Pat 404, 407

forne adv. forne

'of old'

 forn ‘old’


*furna- or *fur-an-

cp. Far fornur, Icel forn, Norw forn, Dan forn, Sw forn

Gaw 2422

frayn v. frayne, freyne

‘to ask, inquire (of); make trial of’

fregna ‘to ask; to hear, be informed’



Far fregna, Icel fregna, Norw frega, fregna, ODan fregne, OSw fräghna, Sw dial frega

Gaw 359, 489, 703, etc.; Pe 129

fryst v. frist

'hold back'

fresta 'defer, put up with; delay, tarry'



Icel fresta

Cl 743

fro adv., prep. fro 'away from, from' frá ‘from’  A1*c *frama Far frá, Icel frá, Norw frå, ODan fran, fra, Dan fra, Sw från, Sw dial frå Gaw 138, 156, 344 etc.; Pe 10, 13, 46 etc.; Cl 31, 129, 221 etc.; Pat 31,129, 221 etc.; Erk 12, 107, 116, etc.; WA 56, 136, 139 etc. View
fro conj. fro

‘(after the time) when, after’

frá ‘from’ 



Far frá, Icel frá, Nor frå, ODan fran, fra, Dan fra, Sw från, Sw dial frå

Gaw 8, 62; Pe 251, 375, 958; Cl 353, 833, 1069 etc.; Pat 243; WA 725*, 2437

froþe n. froth


froða ‘froth’; frauð ‘froth’  


*fruþ- or *frauþ- 

Far, froða, froði, Icel froðe, Norw frode, froda, Dan fråde, Sw dial fruddo, frådas; Far froyður, Icel frauð, Norw fraud, Sw dial fraud, fröda, frau

Gaw 1572

gayne n. gain

(1) ‘gain, what you obtained’; (2) ‘advantage, benefit, what has accrued’

(2) gegn (adj.) ‘straight, direct, ready, serviceable, kindly’


(1) *waiþ-; (2) *gagniz

(2) Icel gegn, Norw gjegn, Dan dial gjen, Sw genast, Sw dial gen, gin

Gaw 2349

gaynly adj. gainly


gegn ‘straight, direct, ready, serviceable, kindly’



Icel gegn, Norw gjegn, ODan gjen, Dan dial gjen, Sw dial gen

Cl 728; Pat 83

galle n. gall ‘spot of impurity, filth, impurity’ galli ‘defect, flaw’ CC3c *gall- Icel galli, Dan galle, OSw galle Pe 189, 915, 1060; Cl 1022, 1525; Pat 285 View
galt n. galt 'boar' galti (wk. masc.) ‘boar’, gǫltr ( ‘boar; wild animal’ C5ac *galt- WA 4743 View
gopnyng n. gape


(1) gapa ‘to gape, open the mouth wide’; (2) cp. gopi ‘a vain person'


(1) *gap-; (2) *gup-;

(1) Far gapa, Icel gapa, Norw gapa, Dan gape, Sw gapa

Gaw 2461

gareʒ v. gar 'make, cause' gǫrr (neut. gǫr-t), pp. of gera, gør(v)a  'to make, do'  A1*c *garwa- Far ger-, Icel ger, ODan gør, Dan gør-, OSw gor, gör Gaw 2460; Pe 86, 331, 1151; Cl 690, 896, 1361 etc.; WA 191, 1219, 3860 etc. View
garysoun n. garrison ‘keepsake, treasure’ cp. gersemi, gersimi, giersom (etc.) (or gør-) ‘costly thing, jewel, treasure (literal and figurative)’  FCC3 *warjan-  cp. Far gersemi, gersimi, Icel gersemi,  Dan gørsum, OSw gärsimi, görsum, görsim Gaw 1255, 1807, 1837; WA 1074, 1662, 1809 etc. View
gate n. gate 'way, road, path; way, manner' gata ‘way, path, road’ B2abc *gatwōn  Far gata, gøta, Icel gata, Norw gate, gote, Dan gade, Sw gata Gaw 696, 709, 778, etc.; Pe 395, 526, 619, etc.; Cl 676, 767, 931; Erk 241; WA 143, 812*, 1310 etc. View
gere n. gear

(1) ‘gear, apparatus, equipment’; (2) ‘doings, behaviour’

(1) gervi, gørvi ‘gear, apparel’ 


(1) *garwj-; (2) *garwj- or *ger-

(1) Icel gervi

Gaw 2205

gere n. gear ‘clothes, gear, armour; bedclothes; equipment, rigging; ?doings, behaviour’ gervi, gørvi ‘gear, apparel’  A1* *garwj- Icel gervi Gaw 569, 584, 1470; Cl 16, 1505, 1811, Pat 148; WA 131, 790*, 824* etc. View
stel-gere n. gear 'armour' gervi, gørvi ‘gear, apparel’  A1* *garwj- Icel gervi Gaw 260 View
gere v. gear ‘to clothe, attire; fashion, construct’ gera, gør(v)a 'to make, do'  A1*c *garwjan- Far gera, Icel gera, gjöra, Norw gjera, Dan runic kaurua, kirua, Dan gøra, Sw göra Gaw 179, 791, 957 etc.; Cl 1344, 1444, 1568 View
gete v. get ‘to get, seize, fetch, procure, capture; beget' geta 'get, engender'  A1*c *getan-  Far gita, Icel geta, Norw gita, gjeta, Dan gide, OSw gita, gæta, Sw gitta, Sw dial gäta  Gaw 1171, 1571, 1625 etc.; Pe 95; Cl 1505; Pat 212, 423; Erk 241; WA 188, 473, 756 etc. View
get n. get 'begetting; child; thing obtained, something one has got' get, geta 'guess', supposition'  A1* *get- Icel geta Gaw 1638; WA 391, 435, 473 etc. View
ʒere-ʒiftes n. gift

'New Year's gifts'

gift ‘gift’



Far gift, Icel gift, Norw gift, Dan gift, Sw gift

Gaw 67

gifte n. gift 'gift; giving' gift 'gift' A1*c *geftiz Far gift, Icel gift, Norw gift, Dan gift, Sw gift Gaw 68, 288,  1500 etc.; Pe 565, 607; Pat 335; WA 1660, 2027, 2407 etc. View
gill-stremes n. gill 'streams from a gorge' gil 'deep, narrow glen with a stream at the bottom' A1bc *gil- Far gil, Icel gil, Norw gil WA 3231 View
giles n. gills 'gills' gjǫlnar 'gills' A1c *gel- Dan gjælle, Sw gäl, gel Pat 269 View
gyng n. ging

'company, troop'

gengi  ‘good luck, success; help, support; troop’



Far geingi, Icel gengi, Norw gjenge, ODan gænge, OSw gænge

Gaw 225; Pe 455; Erk 137; WA 

gif v. give ‘to give, grant; surrender; wish; show, make clear’ gefa 'to give' A1*c *geƀan- Far geva, Icel gefa, Norw giva, Dan runic gaf (past sg.), giƀu (pres. 1st sg.), Dan give, Sw giva Gaw 288, 297, 365 etc.; Pe 174, 270, 543 etc.; Cl 259, 753 1326 etc.; Pat 204, 226; Erk 276, 282; WA 181, 813, 1035 etc. View
glam n. glam

‘din, noise of merrymaking, uproar, speech’

glamm  ‘noise, tinkling sound’ 


?*ga-xlam-, ?*glam

Icel glam, glamm, Norw glam, Dan glam, OSw glam, Sw glam

Gaw 1426, 1652; Cl 499, 830, 849; Pat 63; WA 5504