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Lexeme Part of Speech Modern English Form Sense ON Etymon Summary Category PGmc Ancestor Other Scandinavian reflexes Occurrences  
ar v. are 'are' cp. eru 'are' CCC5 *ar-  Gaw 207, 280, 1094, etc.; Pe 384, 402, 628 etc.; Cl 8, 15, 55, etc.; Pat 13, 15; Erk 164; WA 1, 12, 14 etc. View
at prep. at 'at (etc.)' at 'against, towards, at, to' CCC3 *at Far at, Icel að, Norw ad, åt, Dan ad, Sw åt Gaw 464, 1006, 1474 etc.; WA 636, 872, 1103 View
aʒtand num. ‘eighth’ áttandi ‘eighth’ C2c *axtu- Far áttandi, Icel áttundi, Norw åttande, ODan atændæ, ottende, OSw āttunde WA 3830, 4836 View
boþe adj., adv., pron. both 'both' báðir 'both' C4a *bai- + *þai-z (etc.) Far báðir, Icel báðir, Norw både, beggje, Dan både, beggje, Sw både, begga Gaw 18, 111, 129, etc.; Pe 90, 329, 373 etc.; Cl 11, 20, 57 etc.; Pat 36, 134, 136 etc.; Erk 194; WA 88, 177, 492 etc. View
bale (1) n. bale ‘destruction, death; misery; torment; sorrow' bǫl ‘misfortune, woe, malice’ CCC5a *balwan  Far bøl, Icel böl Gaw 2041, 2419; Pe 18, 123, 373 etc.; Cl 276, 980, 1256; Pat 276, 426, 510; WA 396, 1146, 1974, etc. View
bolled adj. 'decorated in relief, embossed' bolgna (v.) ‘to swell, bulge’ CC1c *belgan- Icel bólginn, Norw bolgen, Dan bullen, OSw bulghin, bulin Cl 1464 View
bolne v. bolne 'to swell' bolgna ‘to swell, bulge’ CC1c *belgan- Icel bólginn, Norw bolgen, Dan bullen, OSw bulghin, bulin Gaw 512; Pe 18; Cl 179, 363; WA 396, 4435 View
blande (2) n. bland ‘mingling’ (in the phrase 'in blande' ‘(mingled) together’) bland ‘mixture’ (literal or figurative) CC4c *bland- Icel bland Gaw 1205; Cl 885; WA 160, 2786, 3723 etc. View
blande (1) v. bland 'adorned' blanda ‘to mix (together)’ CCC1c *blandan- Far blanda, Icel blanda, Norw, blanda, Dan blande, Sw blanda Gaw 1931 View
blykned v. 'shine; fade' blikna 'to pale, turn sallow' CC1ac *blik- Cl 1467, 1759; WA 604 View
blykke v. blik, blike 'to shine' blika ‘to glisten, glint, shine’ CCC1a *blikōjan- Far blika, Icel blika, Norw blika, OSw blika, Sw bläcka Gaw 305, 429, 2485; Cl 603 View
sid-bordez n. sideboard 'side tables' borð 'board, plank, beam' CCC3 *bord- Far borð, Icel borð, Norw bord, Dan bord, Sw bord Gaw 115; Cl 1398 View
breyþed adv. 'rushed' bregða 'to move swiftly' C2c *bregðan- Far bregða, brigða, Icel bregða, Norw bregda, ODan bre(i)de, OSw breghþa Cl 1421 View
bruxleʒ v. 'reproves' brigsla, brigzla 'upbraid, reproach, deride' C1c *bregđ- Far brigsla, Icel brigsla, Norw brigsla Pat 345; WA 4662 View
tobrest v. 'break in two' bresta ‘crack, crash; snap, break, be split open; give way, break loose (etc.)’ C2c *brestan- WA 640 View
bruny n. brinie, brynie 'mailshirt' brynja ‘cuirass, hauberk, coat of chain mail’  C2 *brunjon- Far brynja, Icel brynja, Norw brynje, ODan brynje, OSw brynia, brönia Gaw 580, 861, 2012 etc.; WA 1247 etc. View
burþe n. birth 'birth; child' burðr  ‘burden (on account of pregnancy), foetus, offspring, being; delivery, birth’, byrð ‘birth, ancestry’ CC2a *burþ- Far burður, Icel burður, Norw bur(d), Dan byrd, Sw börd Gaw 922; Pe 1041; WA 256, 289, 439 etc. View
burde v. bir ‘(it) behoved (impers.)’ byrja ‘to belong to, be (someone’s) due; (impers.) be (someone’s) due, be fitting for (someone), be appropriate for (someone)’ CCC5ac *burjan- or *buriz  Far byrja, Icel byrja, Norw byrja, OSw byria, böria, Sw börja Gaw 2278, 2428; Pe 316; Pat 117, 507; Erk 260 View
bone n. boon 'request, boon, command, bidding' bón ‘petition, request’ C1 *bōn-  Icel bón; cp. Far bøn, Icel bœn, Norw bøn, ODan bǿn, Dan bøn, OSw bǿn, Sw bön Gaw 327; Pe 912, 916, 1090; Cl 826; Pat 136; Erk 194 View
dale n. dale ‘(bottom of) valley’ dalr ‘valley; hollow, depression (in the landscape)’ CC5ab *dala- Far dalur, Icel dalur, Norw dal, Dan dal, Sw dal Gaw 1151, 2005, 2162; Pe 121; Cl 384 View
dreme n. dream 'dreaming; dream, vision' draumr ‘dream, vision’ C3ac *draumaz (< root of *dreug- or *dreusan- ?) Far dreymur, Icel draumur, Norw draum, Dan drøm, Sw dröm Gaw 1750; Pe 790, 1170; Cl 1578, 1604; Pat 188, 473; WA 474 View
dreped v. drepe 'slain, killed' drepa ‘to strike a (violent) blow, knock down, deliver (a fatal) blow; kill, destroy, slaughter (etc.)’  CCC3c *drepan- Far droypa, Icel drepa, Norw drøypa, Sw dröpa Gaw 725; Cl 246, 599, 1306, etc. View
adreʒ adv. adreigh ‘away, back’ drjúgr 'abundant, sufficient, lasting; supportive staunch, persistent (etc.)' CC3ac *dreug- Far dr(j)úgvur, Icel drjúgur, Norw drjug, Sw dryg Cl 71 View
dryʒe adj., n. dree, dreigh ‘great; incessant, heavy; unmoved, enduring’ drjúgr 'abundant, sufficient, lasting; supportive staunch, persistent (etc.)' CC3ac *dreug- Far dr(j)úgvur, Icel drjúgur, Norw drjug, Sw dryg Gaw 335, 724, 1031, etc., Pe 823; Cl 342, 385; WA 2091, 4441, 4804 View
dreʒly adv. dreely, dreighly ‘unceasingly, strongly, utterly, gravely’ drjúgr 'abundant, sufficient, lasting; supportive staunch, persistent (etc.)' CC3ac *dreug- Far dr(j)úgvur, Icel drjúgur, Norw drjug, Sw dryg Gaw 1026; Pe 125, 223; Cl 74, 344, 476; Pat 235 View
drowne v. drowned ‘immersed, drowned’ drukna 'to drown' C2 *drunkanō(j)an- or ?*drūn- Far drukna, Icel drukna, Norw drukna, runic Dan truknaþu (past 3 pl.), Dan drukne, Sw drunkna Pe 656; Cl 372, 989; Pat 245; WA 2590, 3032, 3072 View
dike n. dike, dyke 'fosse, ditch' díki 'dike, ditch' CCC2 *dīk- Far díki, Icel díki, Norw dike, dik, Dan dige, Sw dike WA 700, 712, 2986 etc. View
sunder adj., n. sunder ‘sunder, separation’ (in the phrase 'in sunder' ‘asunder’) sundr, í sundr  'asundr' CCC4ac *eni + *sunðraz Far sundur, Icel sundur, Norw sunder, sond(er), ODan sundær, syndær, søndær, Dan sønder, OSw sunder, synder, Sw sönder Gaw 1563 View
ʒarm n. yarm 'clamour' jarmr 'bleating' C2c *erma- Far jarm(an), Icel jarmur, Norw jerm Cl 971 View
ʒarmand v. yarm, yirm, yerm 'howl' jarma 'to bleat' C2c *erma- Far jarma, Icel jarma, Norw jarma, jerma, ODan jarme, Sw dial jarma, järma WA 4745 View
fonge v. fang ‘to take, receive, get; welcome, entertain; derive’ fanga ‘to fetch, capture’ CCC1ac *fanxan- Far fanga, Icel fanga, Norw fanga, Dan fange, OSw fænga Gaw 391, 646, 816, etc.; Pe 439, 479, 884; Cl 457, 540 View
felaw n. fellow ‘fellow, companion’ félagi ‘partner, shareholder, fellow, comrade; partner, consort’ C4 *fexu + *leg- Far felag, felagi, Icel félag, Norw felag, ODan felge, Dan fællig, fælle, OSw fælagh Gaw 1702, WA 864, 3282 View
fyked v. fike 'flinched' fíkjask ‘to desire eagerly’, fíkjum (adv.) ‘eagerly, very’, fíkinn (adj.) ‘greedy, eager’ CC3a *fik-, *fīk-  Icel fíkjast, Norw fik, Sw fik; Icel, Norw fika, Dan fige, Sw fikja, fika; Far ny-fiken, Icel fíkinn, Norw fiken, Dan ny-figen, Sw dial fiken Gaw 2274 View
flaʒt n. flaught ‘stretch of turf’ flag 'sod of turf, place where the turf has been cut out'; fláttr 'flaying' CC1c *flax- or *flaʒ- Icel fláttur, Norw flått; cp. Far flag, Icel flag, Norw dial flag, Sw dial flag, flaga; Norw dial flaga, Dan dial flave, Sw flaga Pe 57 View
flonc v. flung 'rush, shoot' *flinga, cp. flengja 'to throw, fling' B1 *flenga- Norw flengja Pe 1165; WA 831*, 1218, 1348, etc. View
flitt v. flit 'move' flytja ‘cause to flit, carry, convey; recite, deliver; perform’ C1 *flutjan Far flyta, flytja, Icel flytja, Norw flytja, Dan flytte, OSw flytta, Sw flytta WA 2173, 2439, 3784 etc. View
fraward prep. 'away from' frá ‘from’  A1* *frama WA 1289 1335, 1759 View
gayn prep. ‘opposite’ (í) gegn 'in opposition, against, in return' A1*c *gagni- Far (í)gegn, Icel gegn, Dan igen, OSw gen Pe 138 View
galle n. gall ‘spot of impurity, filth, impurity’ galli ‘defect, flaw’ CC3c *gall- Icel galli, Dan galle, OSw galle Pe 189, 915, 1060; Cl 1022, 1525; Pat 285 View
galt n. galt 'boar' galti (wk. masc.) ‘boar’, gǫltr ( ‘boar; wild animal’ C5ac *galt- WA 4743 View
gareʒ v. gar 'make, cause' gǫrr (neut. gǫr-t), pp. of gera, gør(v)a  'to make, do'  A1*c *garwa- Far ger-, Icel ger, ODan gør, Dan gør-, OSw gor, gör Gaw 2460; Pe 86, 331, 1151; Cl 690, 896, 1361 etc.; WA 191, 1219, 3860 etc. View
forgarte v. ‘forfeited, ruined, made corruptible’ gǫrr (neut. gǫr-t), pp. of gera, gør(v)a 'to make, do' A1*c *garwa- Far ger-, Icel ger, ODan gør, Dan gør-, OSw gor, gör; Pe 321; Cl 240 View
stel-gere n. gear 'armour' gervi, gørvi ‘gear, apparel’  A1* *garwj- Icel gervi Gaw 260 View
gere v. gear ‘to clothe, attire; fashion, construct’ gera, gør(v)a 'to make, do'  A1*c *garwjan- Far gera, Icel gera, gjöra, Norw gjera, Dan runic kaurua, kirua, Dan gøra, Sw göra Gaw 179, 791, 957 etc.; Cl 1344, 1444, 1568 View
giles n. gills 'gills' gjǫlnar 'gills' A1c *gel- Dan gjælle, Sw gäl, gel Pat 269 View
get n. get 'begetting; child; thing obtained, something one has got' get, geta 'guess', supposition'  A1* *get- Icel geta Gaw 1638; WA 391, 435, 473 etc. View
forgat v. forget 'forgot' A1*c *getan-  Gaw 2031; WA 3276 View
gill-stremes n. gill 'streams from a gorge' gil 'deep, narrow glen with a stream at the bottom' A1bc *gil- Far gil, Icel gil, Norw gil WA 3231 View
glyter v. glitter 'to glitter' glitra ‘to glitter’ CC1a *glit-  Far glitra, Icel glitra, Norw glitra, ODan glidre, Sw glittra Gaw 604, 2039 View
gremly adj. 'terrible' cp. gremi (n.) ‘wrath, anger’, gremja (v.) 'to anger, provoke' CC1ac *grama- or *gramjan- WA 726* View