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Lexeme Part of Speech Modern English Form Sense ON Etymon Summary Category PGmc Ancestor Other Scandinavian reflexes Occurrences  
fro adv., prep. fro 'away from, from' frá ‘from’  A1*c *frama Far frá, Icel frá, Norw frå, ODan fran, fra, Dan fra, Sw från, Sw dial frå Gaw 138, 156, 344 etc.; Pe 10, 13, 46 etc.; Cl 31, 129, 221 etc.; Pat 31,129, 221 etc.; Erk 12, 107, 116, etc.; WA 56, 136, 139 etc. View
graythe n. 'apparatus' greiði 'solving, accounting, help, hospitality (etc.)' A1*c *ga-raið- Far greiði, Norw greide WA 5518 View
grayd adv. 'fairly, beautifully' greiðr (adj.) ‘ready, free’  A1*c *ga-raið-a WA 3689 View
grayþely adv. gradely ‘readily, promptly, at once; truly; aptly; duly, as was right; pleasantly’ greiðr ‘ready, free’, cp. greiðiliga, greiðliga, 'readily, promptly'  A1*c *ga-raið-a Far greiður, Icel greiður, Norw greid, Sw dial grei, gre Gaw 417, 876, 1006 etc.; Pe 499; Cl 341; Pat 240, 286; WA 201, 756 View
grayþe v. graith ‘get ready (reflex.); arrayed, prepared, set (pp.); achieve’ greiða ‘to arrange, make ready, pay, interpret’ A1*c *ga-raiðjan- Far greiða, Icel greiða, Norw greida, Sw greja, Sw dial greda Gaw 74, 109, 151 etc.; Cl 343, 1485; Pat 53; WA 790*, 812*, 1453 etc. View
agayn adv., prep. again (adv.) 'in return'; (prep.) 'against, facing' (í) gegn 'in opposition, against, in return'  A1*c *gagni- Far ígen, Icel gegn,  Dan igen, OSw gen Gaw 384, 1638; Pe 28, 326, 1199, etc.; Cl 266, 826; WA 50, 82, 170 etc. View
gayn adj. ‘direct, prompt; ready, obedient, profitable, good’ gegn ‘straight, direct, ready, serviceable, kindly’ A1*bc *gagni-  Icel gegn, Norw gjegn, ODan gjen, Dan dial gjen, Sw dial gen Gaw 178, 1241, 1973 etc.; Cl 259, 749; WA 1137, 1318, 3484 etc. View
gaynly adv. ‘appropriately, appositely, fitly, rightly’ gegn ‘straight, direct, ready, serviceable, kindly’, cp. gegnliga 'suitably' A1*c *gagni-  Icel gegn, Norw gjegn, ODan gjen, Dan dial gjen, Sw dial gen Gaw 476, 1297 View
gayn v. ‘to profit, be of use; suit' gegna ‘to meet, pay, discharge, be fitting, signify’ A1* *gagnjan- Far gegna, Icel gegna, Norw gjegna, Dan gjenne, Sw dial gena Gaw 584, 1829; Pe 343; Cl 1608; Pat 164, 348; WA 181, 2746 View
gere n. gear ‘clothes, gear, armour; bedclothes; equipment, rigging; ?doings, behaviour’ gervi, gørvi ‘gear, apparel’  A1* *garwj- Icel gervi Gaw 569, 584, 1470; Cl 16, 1505, 1811, Pat 148; WA 131, 790*, 824* etc. View
gest n. guest 'guest' gestr ‘guest, stranger’  A1* *gastiz  PrN runic -gastiʀ, Far gestur, Icel gestur, Norw gjest, Dan gæst, Sw gäst Gaw 921, 1024, 1036 etc.; Pe 277; Cl 98, 641, 830 etc.; WA 460, 485, 497 etc. View
gate n. gate 'way, road, path; way, manner' gata ‘way, path, road’ B2abc *gatwōn  Far gata, gøta, Icel gata, Norw gate, gote, Dan gade, Sw gata Gaw 696, 709, 778, etc.; Pe 395, 526, 619, etc.; Cl 676, 767, 931; Erk 241; WA 143, 812*, 1310 etc. View
algate adv. algate, algates 'at any rate' gata ‘way, path, road’ B2 *gatwōn  Far gata, gøta, Icel gata, Norw gate, gote, Dan gade, Sw gata Gaw 141 View
gifte n. gift 'gift; giving' gift 'gift' A1*c *geftiz Far gift, Icel gift, Norw gift, Dan gift, Sw gift Gaw 68, 288,  1500 etc.; Pe 565, 607; Pat 335; WA 1660, 2027, 2407 etc. View
gerrethis n. 'hoops' gjǫrð, gerð ‘belt, girdle; waist; saddle girth; hoop (on a barrel, etc.), headband, band on a helmet’ A1c *gerđō Far gjørð, Icel gjörð, Norw gjord, Dan gjord, Sw gjord View
gesse v. guess 'conceive, form an idea, believe, suppose, imagine, intend, judge etc.' C2a *get- Norw dial gissa, Dan gisse, Sw gissa, cp. Icel gizka Pe 499; WA 577, 990, 2071 etc. View
gete v. get ‘to get, seize, fetch, procure, capture; beget' geta 'get, engender'  A1*c *getan-  Far gita, Icel geta, Norw gita, gjeta, Dan gide, OSw gita, gæta, Sw gitta, Sw dial gäta  Gaw 1171, 1571, 1625 etc.; Pe 95; Cl 1505; Pat 212, 423; Erk 241; WA 188, 473, 756 etc. View
gif v. give ‘to give, grant; surrender; wish; show, make clear’ gefa 'to give' A1*c *geƀan- Far geva, Icel gefa, Norw giva, Dan runic gaf (past sg.), giƀu (pres. 1st sg.), Dan give, Sw giva Gaw 288, 297, 365 etc.; Pe 174, 270, 543 etc.; Cl 259, 753 1326 etc.; Pat 204, 226; Erk 276, 282; WA 181, 813, 1035 etc. View
glent n. glent 'glance' glettask ‘to banter, rail against one’, cp. glett(r) ‘banter’ BB2c *glant- Far glett, gletta, Icel gletta, Norw gletta, glette, glenta, glanta, Sw dial glänta, glätta, glinta  Gaw 1290; Pe 114, 1144 View
glent v. glent ‘move quickly aside, deviate; glanced, flinched, sprang; glinted, shone; looked’ glettask ‘to banter, rail against one’ BB2ac *glent- Far glett, gletta, Icel gletta, Norw gletta, glette, glenta, glanta, Sw dial glänta, glätta, glinta  Gaw 82, 172, 476, etc.; Pe 70, 671, 1001, etc. ; Cl 218, Erk 241; WA 4817 View
gloue n. glove 'gauntlet, glove' glófi ‘glove’  CCC1 *glōf- Far glógvi, Icel glófi, Sw dial glovatang Gaw 583, 1799, 1807; WA 1984 View
grayn n. grain ‘arm or valley of the sea; blade (of axe)/spike?’ grein 'branch, division' A1b *grainō  Far grein, Icel grein, Norw grein, Dan grēn, OSw grēn, Sw gren Gaw 211; WA 2451, 3375 View
gres n. grass 'grass, plants, plant of grass or corn' -gresi (e.g. illgresi ‘weed’) CC1ac *grasa-   ODan græs, OSw græs, Sw gräs Gaw 235, 527, 2181; Pe 10, 31, 245; Cl 1028; WA 338 View
gre-houndez n. greyhound 'greyhounds' grey 'bitch', grey-hundr 'greyhound' BBB1 *grawja- or *grauja- Icel grey Gaw 1171  View
grofe n. 'cave' gróf 'pit, ditch, ravine' C1abc *grōƀō Far grógv, Norw grôv WA 5394 View
hete v. 'to promise, assure' heita ‘to call, name, promise’ CCC2 *haitan- Far heita, Icel heita, Norw heita, runic Dan haite, haitika, Dan hede, hedde, runic Sw ha[i]teka, Sw heta, hetta
Gaw 2121; Pe 402; Cl 1346 View
kayre (1) v. 'to go, ride, bring, drive, ?dither, hesitate' keyra ‘to drive, ride, whip’ A1c *kaurjan- or *kauzjan- Far koyra, Icel kayra, Norw køyra, Dan køre, Sw köra Gaw 734, 1048, 1670 etc.; Pe 1031; Cl 85, 901, 945 etc.; WA 153, 859, 887 etc. View
ker n. carr ‘thicket on marshy ground’ kjarr 'copsewood, brushwood’  A1bc *kerza- Far (name element) kjarr, Icel kjarr, Norw kjarr, kjerr, Dan kær, Sw kärr  Gaw 1421, 1431 View
knaged v. knag 'fastened' knakkr ‘little chair, high stool’ BBB2ac *knaʒʒ- Norw knag, knagge, Dan knag, Sw dial knagg, knagge; Icel knakkur, Norw knakk Gaw 577 View
cnokez v. knock 'knock, deal a blow' knoka ‘to knock, thump’ CCC2a *knok- or *knuk- Icel knoka, Norw knoka, ODan knoge, Dan knuge, Sw dial knoka, knåka Gaw 414; Pe 727; Cl 1348; WA 639, 1599 View
craue v. crave ‘to claim, ask for, crave, beg’ krefja ‘to crave, demand, call on one’ BB1 *kraƀ- (prob.*kraƀo(j)an-) Far krevja, Icel krefja, Norw krevja, Dan kræve, Sw kräva Gaw 277, 283, 812, etc.; Cl 810 View
legg n. leg 'leg' leggr ‘leg, hollow bone (of arms and legs)’ B2 *lag-ja-  Far leggur, Icel leggur, Norw legg, Dan legg, læg, Sw lägg Gaw 575, 2228; Pe 459; WA 772*, 4748, 4959 etc. View
laykyng n. laking 'playing' leika ‘to play, perform, move, delude’ A1*c *laikan- Far, Icel, Norw leika, Dan leke, Sw leka Gaw 472 View
ouirlaike n. 'superiority, conquest' leikr ‘game, play, sport’  A1*bc *laikaz WA 1861, 3101 View
lawid v. lowe ‘to burn (with passion), to be shining, brilliant’ loga ‘to burn with a flame’ B2ac *lug-, *lux- Far loga, Icel loga, Norw loga, Dan lue, Sw låga Gaw 679, 868; WA 226 View
lowe adv. low 'low; lowly, humbly' lágr ‘low’  A1* *lēga- Far lágur, Icel lágur, Norw låg, Dan lav, Sw låg Gaw 972, 2236; Pe 236, 547; Cl 798; WA 196, 495, 1012 etc.  View
loʒe adj. low 'low, low lying, below, short; in lowly condition, humble' lágr ‘low’  A1* *lēga- Far lágur, Icel lágur, Norw låg, Dan lav, Sw låg Gaw 302, 1040, 1170 etc., Pe 547, 1001; Cl 28, 798, 1761; Erk 147, 334; WA 199, 495 etc. View
lote n. lait ‘aspect, manner; sound, noise; noise of talking; word, saying, speech’ lát (pl.) ‘manner, sound’ A1ac *lētan Far lát, Icel lát, Norw låt, ODan låd, Dan låder, Sw låt Gaw 119, 244, 639, etc.; Pe 238, 876, 896; Cl 668; Pat 47, 161, 183 WA 152, 491, 3998 etc. View
lurke v. ‘to lurk, lie low, make one's way (under cover), ?lie snug’ BB2a *lūr-k-  Icel lurka, Norw lurka, Sw dial. lurka Gaw 1180, 1195; Pe 978; Pat 277; WA 3991 View
rayse v. raise 'raise, bid rise, raise from death, waken; levy' reisa ‘to raise, erect, start’  A1*c *raisjan-  Far reisa, Icel reisa, Norw reisa, Dan rejse, Sw resa Gaw 821, 1916; Pe 305; WA 829*, 5174 View
skatheles adj. scatheless 'without injury' skaði ‘harm, damage’; cp. skaðlauss (adj.) 'unscathed, without loss' A1*c *skaþōn Norw skadesløs, ODan skathaløs, Sw skadeslös WA 2992 View
skyfte v. skift 'shift, alternate, apportion, arrange' skifta, skipta ‘to divide; shift, change; exchange’  A1ac *skiptjan- or *skipatjan- Far skifta, Icel skipta, Norw skifta, ODan skiftæ, Dan skifte, OSw skipta, Sw skifta Gaw 19; Pe 569; Cl 709; WA 467, 4622, 5040 View
skwe n. 'sky' skí ‘cloud’ (variant ský) A1*c *skiwi Far ský, skýggj, Icel ský, Norw sky, Dan sky, Sw sky Cl 483, 1206, 1759 etc. WA 561, 4865 View
snayped v. snape ‘nipped cruelly’ sneypa ‘to outrage, dishonour, disgrace’  A1c *snaupjan-  Icel sneypa, Norw snøypa, OSw snöpa, Sw snöpa Gaw 2003; WA 3633, 3995 View
sprent v. sprent 'leap, splash' spretta  ‘to make spring up, unloose; rip up’ BB2c *sprant-jan- Far spretta, Icel spretta, Norw spretta, Dan sprætte, Sw sprätta Gaw 1896; Erk 335; WA 743, 786 View
swelt v. swelt 'destroy' svelta 'to put to death (by hunger); starve (a person)' CCC3c *sweltan- or *swalt(j)an- Far svølta, Icel svelta, Norw svelta, Sw svälta Cl 108, 332; Pat 427 View
serelepy adj. 'various, separate, different' sér 3 pers. sg. reflex. pron. (dat.) A2c *sē-z WA 605, 4305, 4440 etc. View
sere adv. sere 'in each case, severally, various, different' sér 3 pers. sg. reflex. pron. (dat.), adv. A2c *sē-z Far sær, Icel sér, Norw sêr, Dan sær, I sær, runic Sw saʀ, Sw i sär Gaw 632, 1522; WA 277 View
sere adj. sere ‘separate, individual; various, several’ sér 3 pers. sg. reflex. pron. (dat.) A2c *sē-z Far sær, Icel sér, Norw sêr, Dan sær, I sær, runic Sw saʀ, Sw i sär Gaw 124, 761, 822, etc.; Cl 336, 358, 507, etc.; Pat 12; WA 86, 570, 1083 View
trayst adj. traist 'sure' treysta ‘to make trusty, try the strength of a thing’ A1c *traustjan- Far troysta, Icel treysta, Norw trøysta, Dan trøyste, OSw trösta, Sw trösta Gaw 1211 View